"One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in darkness bind them"
"The darkness that was once defeated by the mighty warrior Talion has forced him to bend the knee against it, and now Sauron has returned from his ashes, more passionate to conquer it all than ever before. The long lost ring of power is the key in this battle of good and evil, which must be found for this battle to be decided. The fellowship is standing their ground against them. The forces of the fellowship and the Middle Earth's elves, dwarves, humans have allied and marching towards Mordor for the final battle to decide the faith of Middle Earth. Where the good side is looking for Andùril, the significantly powerful sword that's told to be wielded by true heroes, and solve the mystery of the key in Minas Tirith that's prophesied to be forged, Sauron seeks the Ring and the power that comes with it, alongside with the entirety of the Middle Earth. With the revengeful nazguls after the Ring and Sauron with his eyes all over the surface of earth, all the heroes of Middle East have joined forces against the darkness. The dark forces need to wipe out the challenging warriors of Rohan, first Rohirrim and then the White Fortress which have to fall and only after that, no other force will remain against Saurons rule where our good willed and courageous heroes need to overthrow Sauron and his armies at Rohan, then Gondor and as the final battle, they must face the evil at its own lands, Mordor. 
 Delegates will be commanding armies and planing the way the battles will take them in order to either bring peace to the Middle Earth or to have darkness rule it all. "

This committee is suitable for highly experienced delegates.

Under-Secretaries General:

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