The year 1942, Adolf Hitler and his SS troops have dominated Europe and now, they are marching to East. Joseph Stalin is waiting for the fight with the Red Army. After the loss of Leningrad, the city of Volgograd, also known as Stalingrad, became more and more important. It was a matter of dignity for Soviets in order not to lose the city named after their supreme leader. The harsh weather conditions were challenging. Both sides are too powerful but one must fail their mission. 

This committee is suitable for highly experienced delegates.

Under-Secretaries General:


İl Deniz Ezgi Bayca


Uğur Ozan Baygeldi


Nazi Cabinet

President Chair: Massih Bayat


Rapporteur: Ahmet Yiğit Özdemir 

Soviet Cabinet

President Chair: Yüksel Çağlar Baypınar


Rapporteur: Umay Göllü