GALMUN'19 Team will follow these statements before and during the Conference below. It is suggested by the Secretariat to the participants in order to consider and act accordingly.


Code of Conduct                                                          


Article 1 

● Secretary-General is the person charged with the duty of acting in capacity to

lead the academic team;

● Director-General is the person with the duty of acting in capacity to lead the

organisation team;

● The Secretariat is constituted of both the Secretary-General and the


● The members of the academic team are the members selected by the

Secretary-General to prepare academic content of the conference;

● The members of the organisation team are the members selected by the

Director-General to prepare the conference for participants;

● A Committee Director is the person selected by the Academic Team to

manage the ongoing debate within committees;

● A Rapporteur is the person selected by the Academic Team to assist the

Committee Board;

● A Delegate is the participant that in the role of a diplomat, minister and

diplomatic party member within the respective committees;

● The members of the administrative staff are the members of the organisation

team in the internal service of the conference,

● The members of the press corps are the members of the organization team

conducting press affairs of the conference;

● The Observers are the participants who are responsible for underage

delegations or who wish to partake in the conference for observation means.

Article 2 

All above-mentioned participants shall refrain from using alcoholic beverages, and

illegal drugs within the boundaries of the hotel or the conference venue. The

Organisation Team has the right to confiscate and dispose any of these materials

and upon resisting, it may cause the permanent dismissal of that participant 

from the Conference under the discretion of the Secretary-General and the Director-General.



Article 3 

GALMUN team does not hold any liability upon disappearance or theft. However,

participants may request an investigation upon the matter. Furthermore, GALMUN

team does not hold any further liability upon valuable properties that have

disappeared or stolen during transportation or social events; in any of its conference

venues including the hotel and social event locations.


Article 4  

In case of a participant who misses more than two (2) sessions throughout the

conference, the inherent right of obtaining a certificate of participation and any of the

awards shall not be possible for that participant. Exceptions may be made in extreme

cases such as health concerns and other emergencies. The acceptance of the

excuse is up to the discretion of the Secretariat and proof may be required.



Article 5

In case a participant who doesn't comply with the dress code continues to do so after

an initial warning; he/she may be removed from the committee upon the discretion of

the Committee Board or the Secretariat and may no longer participate in the

concurring session.



Article 6 

All participants shall be provided with badges that indicate participants’ name and

duty. Upon losing badges, the GALMUN Organisation Team will charge you twenty

(20) Turkish Liras for the replacement of the badge. The participants shall not be

allowed within the conference area without wearing their badges.


Article 7 

The GALMUN team reserves the right to change any of above-mentioned articles

without notifying participants. Violations occurred before such alterations, shall be

subjected to the articles that are in effect at the time of the violation.


Article 8

In case of a violation of any of the above-mentioned articles; the participants may not receive a "Certificate of Participation", any awards or may be suspended from the Conference permanently upon the discretion of the Secretariat.