14-17 June 2019

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Highly Esteemed Participants,

   I am  more than honored to present you the second annual session of Gazi Anatolian High School Model United Nations which will be held between 14th-17th June 2019.
I would like to commend each and every one of you for attending and making this journey as an outstanding one ahead of time for us. 
   Besides we believe that uniting like galaxies will facilitate workload in order to raise the standards of our organization. That’s why we favor our motto as “United Like the Galaxy.”
Our first purpose is ensuring participants an unforgettable experience and contribute them mun skills as much as we can with our marvelous committees and exceptional academic and organization team. 
   This year, we will be hosting our participants in 5 different committees focusing on issues varying from cyber attacks, debt bondage, prostitution, Battle of Stalingrad to Lord of the Rings. Participants may demonstrate themselves on related committees. 
   The General Assembly committees: DISEC, SOCHUM and LEGAL, will tackle the most substantial issues on the world with following United Nations’ authority.
   Two crises committees will be hosted, which will accustom the participants to act swiftly and wisely in a crisis situation.
   Last but not least, I would like to thank our advisor Hanife Muik for her splendid efforts. 

The Secretary General of GALMUN'19

Yasemin EFE.



17.00-22.00      Gala Dinner

         Day 1

  9.30-11.00      Registration

11.00-12.00      Opening Ceremony

12.00-13.30      Lunch

13.30-15.00      Session 1

15.00-15.30      Coffee Break

15.30-17.00      Session 2

17.00-17.30      Coffee Break

17.30-18.30      Session 3

          Day 2

    8.30-9.30      Session 4

  9.30-10.00      Coffee Break

10.00-11.30      Session 5

11.30-13.00      Lunch

13.00-14.30      Session 6

14.30-15.00      Coffee Break

15.00-16.30      Session 7

16.30-17.00      Coffee Break

17.00-18.00      Session 8

           Day 3

    8.30-9.30      Session 9

  9.30-10.00      Coffee Break

10.00-11.30      Session 10

11.30-13.00      Lunch

13.00-14.30      Session 11

14.30-15.00      Coffee Break

15.00-16.00      Session 12

16.00-16.20      Coffee Break

16.20-18.00      Closing Ceremony